In case you’re interested in perusing through some of my journalist work, here are some links to stories I have either won awards for or absolutely loved working on.

‘A Drop in the Bucket’

While a nurse was assisting in an emergency cesarean section surgery to save an unborn child, an unresponsive baby was brought to the hospital. The expressionless baby died-as the nurse stood helpless and hopeless-while the other baby lived… read more


Looking at the patches on his sleeves might let the students on his Cougar Shuttle know that shuttle driver Jesse Ingram has had a few accomplishments in his 13-year career. However, only in conversation can students find that he has also written a platinum level song in a rather illustrious jazz writing career with his brother Luther Ingram… read more

Running afowl on campus

They perch on top of buildings, dive-bombing unsuspecting students. They hiss and flap their wings when they feel threatened, and they are protected by federal law… read more

Heroes helping half shells

Infested with maggots, bleeding and injured, Sheldon, a box turtle, was brought to the SIUE Turtle Research and Recovery Lab for rehabilitation by two young girls last May… read more

Freedom to choose

For the first time, international students will be involved in the selection of their health care plan, which the university will select once the current contract expires in the summer… read more

Tornado commemoration unites Sunset Hills citizens

Sunset Hills resident Jim Williams was walking down West Watson Road with his neighbor minutes after the category EF3 tornado ripped through Sunset Hills last New Year’s Eve. He found an American flag from Watson Trail Park in the aftermath, and now that flag is on display in the Sunset Hills Community Center… read more

Crestwood’s revenues to take ‘a very big hit’ with closing of Sears

The closing of Crestwood Court’s Sears is the “final nail in the coffin,” according to Crestwood City Administrator Petree Eastman. “The mall won’t have but one or two retailers left,” Eastman told the Call. “There’s a few like Nolan (Interiors) and LensCrafters, but in terms of significant dollars coming into the city, it will be a very big hit to city revenues. It’s the last big hit, I would say.” … read more

Settlement pact states Eastman to receive seven months’ salary –

Former Crestwood City Administrator Petree Eastman will receive seven months’ salary under the terms of a settlement agreement approved by the Board of Aldermen. Eastman, who worked for the city from Oct. 17 through March 9, also has the option of Crestwood continuing to pay her health insurance benefits for 12 months, or through March 31, 2013, according to the settlement agreement… read more


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