The “One Man Band” era of journalism

Know inverted pyramid. Know how to conduct an interview. Know how to take photos. Know how to shoot video. Know how to update the website. Know about search engine optimization. Know this. Know that. Know everything.

That’s what journalism has become. We have to be able to do everything. And there’s nobody to teach us but ourselves.

I had a little bit of experience with shooting and editing video (on a Flipcam), taking photos and managing social media accounts, but not near as much as I should have had to prepare me for what people expect. The recent college grads are expected to know all of the things I mentioned earlier and, in some cases, teach those who hire them to do those things.

It’s a big task. And honestly, it’s not one that I was prepared for, despite knowing that in today’s world everybody has to do everything. I can design. I can write. I can copy edit. I can work with social media. But shooting video? I’m not that great. At all. I shot a few videos for my college paper, but nothing earth shattering. Taking photos? Same thing.

So to make up for my lack of attention to these areas of journalism, my mission is teach myself. Granted, I should have done this a couple years ago, but I was more concerned with improving my writing.

But anyway, even if what I work on isn’t for publication, if it’s just for my own experience, it’s better than nothing. It at least shows I’m making an effort and that I want to improve in every facet of journalism, not just my specialty.


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