Why you’ll never be as close with your fellow journos after graduation

Watching a clip about the new HBO series “The Newsroom,” I was reminded about what exactly it is that makes a college newsroom so special. What exactly it is that makes college newsrooms such close-knit groups. Second families, if you will.

You experience so many things with in your college newsroom. Experiences that will never occur anywhere else and that create a connection that can never be severed.

In my case, our newsroom had to deal with one of our own being arrested on campus on charges I don’t care to discuss. But this “incident” brought us closer together. We had to turn to each other, lean on each other and talk through having to cover the story. Being the one that wrote some of the initial stories about the arrest, I can honestly say, those were some of the hardest stories I’ve ever written.

In another case, our newsroom dealt with accusations of stereotyping and unfair coverage due to race. This also brought us together because we knew we did everything right in regard to our coverage of the incident that occurred. But we still ended up having a meeting with administration to discuss the “issues.” Situations like that make you realize how fortunate you are to have people who understand where you’re coming from, who believe in the same things you believe in and who are willing (regardless of the fact that it’s required) to stand by you and your decisions — and even defend your decisions when you can’t find the words to do so yourself.

Situations like those are what make a college newspaper a family. You spend so much time with them (more time than you spend with your actual family) that you don’t know what to do when you have to leave them. It sucks. It really does. But they’re always there.

They’re there when you’re having a bad day at your new job. They’re there when you have something funny to tell them that reminds you of the college newsroom. And most importantly, you’re also there for them.

Because, as cheesy as it is, I truly believe that the friends you make working for your college newspaper will be your friends — and family — for life. Regardless of where your lives take you.


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