Tips to Survive Journalism without a SmartPhone

1. Keep a computer within arm’s reach at all times. You never know when you’ll have to post something to Twitter or post a breaking news story online. If you’re going to a concert, you better bring that computer. You never know when news will break.

2. Sign up for Twitter mobile for the rare moments you have to separate yourself from your ancient laptop. Nothing says, “professional journalist” like a tweet sent “via txt.”

3. Perfect your speeding skills. Only when you reach the skill of a NASCAR driver will you be able to get back to the office to look up a phone number faster than your competition — who, of course, has a fancy smartphone with internet capabilities — can access the interwebs.

4. Invest in a good voice recorder. Because your cheap, little, pathetic excuse for a phone probably doesn’t have recording capabilities. And if it does, it’s probably only 30 seconds worth of time, which, let’s face it, will never work for covering a board meeting.

5. Keep the passwords for your newspaper’s Twitter account in your memory (or stored in the nifty “notes” part of your dumb phone). That way know the passwords so you can update the Twitter account as soon as you get back to a computer. You probably won’t beat the competition. But hey, you’ll be close, right?


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