The Alestle Playlist

Two of the most important things in my life are music and journalism, so naturally they would overlap at some point. This post defines that point. Whenever I hear these songs, I immediately think of my college newspaper. The reasons vary, and they’ll most certainly be explained, so… without further procrastination, I present to you the short, but meaningful, Alestle playlist.

1. Jack & Diane, John Mellencamp

During the second journalism convention I attended, we all went out to a comedy club/bar/karaoke bar/whatever it wanted to be that night in Louisville, Ky. After seeing a Loni Love show, we stuck around and ended up being there for karaoke. And my adviser and one of our reporters (who would go on to be managing editor when I was EIC) sang “Jack & Diane” together. That night defines what I love about my college journalism friends, and why I can’t hear this song without thinking about that group.

2. One Week, Barenaked Ladies

Our Sports Editor was (and still is) obsessed with this song (and Semi-Charmed Life) as karaoke songs. When we were in Kentucky, and also when we had a “senior sendoff” type of karaoke night before finals, he sang either this song and/or Semi-Charmed Life. I can’t hear either of these songs and NOT think about how awesome the songs are and how awesome our sports editor’s karaoke skills are for these two songs. They can’t be topped.

3.  Semi-Charmed Life, Third Eye Blind

4. Whipped Cream, Ludo

I got review passes to cover the “A Very Ludo Christmas” show at the Pageant this past December, and I took our photo editor, who loves Ludo a thousand times  more than I do, with me. There’s not any other reason for this song being on the list, other than the fact that after the show, the “Whipped Cream” music videos and references to the song became a constant during my last few days at the paper.


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