Ten questions for the Fox execs who thought cancelling Firefly was a good idea

While this is meant to be a journalism blog for the most part, today it’s going to deviate a little bit. I just finished watching the Firefly series, and I have many questions. So, please, tolerate my question-rant. And if you haven’t seen Firefly, go watch it. NOW.

For those of you who have, I’m ranting BEFORE watching Serenity, so I know some of my questions could be irrelevant.

1. What is Shepard’s story??

2. Why does Inara want to leave the ship?

3. Why isn’t there even a hint of something happening between Mal and Inara?

4. Why didn’t Inara tell everyone else on the ship that she’s leaving?

5. Is there a chance of Jubal Early trying to get River again?

6. When is something going to happen between Kaylee & Simon?

7. Is Jayne going to turn on the Serenity crew again?

8. Why does Early say Shepard’s not a shepard? (Technically, this isn’t the same as the first question, so I’m counting it as two.)

9. What happened to River?



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