The Oath of a Journalist

I, Kari Williams, do solemnly swear, to report with accuracy, hold elected officials accountable and write with a passion about the most mundane of topics.

WHEREAS, I will create captivating ledes, acquire excellent quotes, wonderful background information and use inverted pyramid in all applicable situations and;

WHEREAS, I will not complain about tight deadlines and meetings that last forever, but rather, embrace the seemingly negative aspects of journalism as challenges that can only be overcome by massive amounts of coffee and energy drinks, and;

WHEREAS, I will post as many items as possible to Overheard in the Newsroom and use the Party Like Journalist hashtag whenever suitable to create online connections with other journalists who understand the humor and irony of a newsroom like no other, and;

BE IT RESOLVED, that this crazy world of journalism become my life’s mission, so that I can scrape by on a low budget month to month, but love what I do and enjoy every minute of it.



So… it seems I’ve been away from this blog about a year. It’s time to change that. I’ve been tossing around the idea of starting up a journalism blog the last few days and figured, ‘Why not?’ But, in order to ensure I don’t give up on blogging like I’ve done so many times in the past, this will not be strictly journalism. I will most likely have some random posts about music, St. Louis, pro wrestling, yardsales or anything else that happens to cross my mind. However, I’ll do my best to bring this back to journalism in one way or another.

I’m still in the process of tweaking things, but here’s hoping I can keep this up and get some new posts up here in the next couple days or so.

Here goes nothing…