WWE fans #wantwrestling–and rightfully so

I recently came across this post on Tumblr saying WWE is rebranding itself as ‘sports entertainment’ because everyone hates professional wrestling or calls it ‘gay.’ He also references the “I Want Wrestling” hashtag on Twitter, which I have been using lately when watching both RAW and local shows in the St. Louis area. From what I could tell, he basically says we should give up on wanting wrestling.

He says we, as wrestling fans, should blame “dumb idiots who think anything outside of their comfort zone is an unnnecessary evil” for making Vince McMahon rebrand the company.

First of all, WWE has been known as sports entertainment way before this rebranding attempt. Secondly, McMahon made a strategic, well thought out, business decision for the rebranding. And, according to WWE.com, one of the biggest aspects is an emphasis on bringing in new talent. Just because WWE is turning its namesake into three letters than no longer stand for anything doesn’t mean that fans should stop expecting or wanting wrestling from a wrestling company.

Taking the word out of the company’s name does not take the concept out of the company. Fans wanting wrestling from the largest wrestling company in the world is understandable and completely acceptable. Yes, there are people who don’t like wrestling and don’t give it a chance. I say that’s their loss. But for those who have a true passion for the sport, there is no reason for them not to demand wrestling.


2 thoughts on “WWE fans #wantwrestling–and rightfully so

  1. It’s the symbolism of taking out the word wrestling from all their broadcasts and their name. It’s nonsensical really – who would ever think of WWE as something other than a wrestling company?

  2. I completely agree. When I first heard about the change, I hated it. Taking the whole point of the company out of its name made no sense. But, unfortunately, WWE is going to do what it has to to cater to the general public and try to draw in the people who will buy the big PPVs and order the merch, rather than the diehards who live and breath the business. As much as I hate the idea of taking “wrestling” out of the company’s name, if that’s what it takes to get the product to be worth watching again, then I don’t really have a choice but to accept and (begrudgingly) appreciate it.

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