We know it’s Friday. Stop ‘singing’ about it.

Rebecca Black, the latest internet sensation, is one of the worst things to happen to the music industry. And the press (along with social media) has done nothing but fuel the fire.

She can’t sing, yet people constantly talk about her God-awful music video, her terrible (auto-tuned) voice and how she’s not talented in any way. People are making Facebook statuses with (arguably) the worst song lyrics ever written. Late night shows are even joining in on the joke of the year. And, it’s only making Black more popular. She’s becoming famous for being terrible.

Any press is good press, and in Black’s case, there’s nothing stopping this song (if you can call it that) from making her a mainstay in the “pop” industry. Pop is not my favorite type of music, but I understand it has its place in the industry. Just about everyone can admit to liking N*sync or the Backstreet Boys (or the generational substitute). It’s a phase. I get it. But Black doesn’t even deserve a phase. She doesn’t have the talent to do so. But all the (social) media attention she’s receiving begs to differ.

Everywhere you go, there is something about Black. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, TMZ or whatever other gossip sites exist. Someone is always talking about her, and I would be very surprised if there’s not a PR group behind a lot of the talk–even if it’s bad. Everything is getting her name out there. As much as it pains me to admit, when I kept hearing about this song called “Friday,” I even looked it up. But at least I had enough sense not to watch the entire video.

I just hope that Black is an overnight sensation whose PR people don’t have enough faith in her ‘abilities’ to push the music industry into oblivion with her auto-tuned atrocities.


2 thoughts on “We know it’s Friday. Stop ‘singing’ about it.

  1. A agree about Black not being a part of a musical genre and do not consider Friday as a legitimate song. I feel bad for her and all the negative publicity she is receiving, because let’s face it: Friday was never intended to be a real song at all. Her parents got her in a studio for an experience, to make a music video. It isn’t even her song, and it is overly ridiculous, especially the rap part. The girl doesn’t deserve all the negativity, because she is so young. The song is terrible, yeah. But that’s why it isn’t supposed to be popular. It is her little thing and was never intended for mass media consumption. I’ll admit it, I still like the Backstreet Boys. I grew up listening to them as a kid, and there is a sense of nostalgia associated with it for me.

    Any press is good press for this girl, and her 15 minutes can extend and she can make a hell of a lot of money…example: William Hung.

    Best of luck to her.

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