Social media meets professional wrestling

The Rock has come back… Twitter.

For the last couple of weeks, WWE Superstars John Cena, the Miz and the Rock have been tweeting in relation to storylines. I think that is a big step for both WWE Creative/storylines, as well as social media. With Wrestlemania less than a month away, and the millions and millions of fans who have found their way to Twitter, this is one of the best moves WWE could make.

For fans who don’t have cable access, or aren’t able to keep up with the show every week, having storylines crossover into social media keeps everyone in the loop and allows them to follow along without physically sitting down to watch the show.

The Rock is arguably one of the best talkers in the business, and for him to carry over and turn his promos and thoughts into 140 characters to keep his millions and millions of fans updated about his life is great. Being on Twitter also gives those who are not involved with (or interested in)  wrestling a chance to hop on the Wrestlemania bandwagon.

Cena and the Miz, along with the many other wrestlers and personalities who have made their way to Twitter, have the ability to reach so many more fans, and to bring more fans to the show. I never thought I would see the day when social media became a part of storylines in a wrestling show, but I think it’s an amazing way to increase viewership and attendance at shows.


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