Local bands with staying power

My name is Kari Williams, and I’m addicted to local music.

Tomorrow night, I will be attending the reunion show for a St. Louis band, Blinded Black. I remember in high school (before I got involved with local music) everybody was talking about Blinded Black and how great they are/were. Even when I got really into St. Louis music, I never listened to them, and I still haven’t.

I’ve heard people proclaiming BB’s greatness and bashing them for not even having the slightest bit of talent. But how many years after they broke up, people still talk about them. And I think that says more than what people are actually saying about the band’s talent.

They have staying power. I don’t know if it’s because of how they promoted themselves when they were still together or if it has to do with the quality of their music or even the personality of the band members. But whatever it is, the guys in BB have a knack for staying relevant, even when they’re essentially out of the picture. And, I can’t wait to see them for the first time tomorrow night.

Update:  After attending the show and seeing the dedication of the BB fans, it is completely understandable how they are able to keep themselves relevant after breaking up. But, I don’t think it’s a PR move or anything of that nature. They just care that much about their fans and the music they created that they have a built-in voice in their fans, which keeps the relevant.


2 thoughts on “Local bands with staying power

  1. Blinded Black made a huge impact on me and my high school career. They were, and are still my favorite band. Their music(this is going to sound so corny) makes me feel alive. Like nothing else matters. Plus, they have great stage presence. They have been broken up for almost 3 years now and seeing them on stage friday night was just like i remembered… Minus the lack of Chuck and Mike’s hair… They also promote themselves very well. They even got 105.7 the Point to sponsor the event. They know how to get the spotlight on their band.
    On an opinionated side… I do not understand how anyone can say they do not have talent. Maybe you do not like their style of music. Understandable. But, there are many bands whose style of music I do not like. That does not mean they are lacking talent. I think all the guys in Blinded Black are a bunch of talented guys. Always have. Always will. Nothing will change that.

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