Comment #5

Jenna Matzer:  Bieber Fever– 2-20-11

I think the fact that someone is able to post a video on YouTube and ‘be discovered’ takes away from the experience of paying your dues, so to speak, to get your foot in the door in an industry. Sure, Justin Bieber got lucky that someone stumbled on to his video. Good for him. But when someone becomes so successful, so fast, like he has, that really takes away from the hard work that other bands are actually doing. I know three local bands in the St. Louis area who are working as hard as they possibly can self-promoting shows, making their own CD/EPs and getting themselves booked on shows. They are working they’re way into an industry they love. The fact that someone can bypass all of that makes it look like all you need to do these days to be famous (or infamous) is put a video on YouTube instead of putting in the time and effort to make something of yourself like (at least) 90 percent of the bands, artists, etc. have done in the past. But sadly, that’s what seems to be happening, and I absolutely hate it.


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