Charter commercial lacks credibility

One of Charter’s most recent commercials makes the company look unintelligent and severely uninformed about the very product they sell.

The commercial shows people of different ages, races and cultures watching TV and talking about how important it is in their lives and how it connects them to events they didn’t even know they enjoyed. That part is good. That aspect of the commercial shows thought and gives a genuine interest in the product they’re trying to sell.

The part I have an issue with is when the characters state, “And there are people who love to tell you they don’t even watch TV. Really? Good. More for the rest of us.” Really? Everybody knows that’s not how television works. One television set being off doesn’t mean that a next door neighbor will get access to, for example, 10 more channels. Trying to create the idea that someone else can profit off of your lack of watching sporting events or sit coms is ridiculous. This makes Charter look like they don’t understand how their own product works.

Using the angle that television is a defining part of history? That’s great. Go with it. Use every avenue of that spin. It makes sense. But testing the intelligence of their customers makes Charter look like they’re out to scam the first gullible person who comes along. While that might be so, that’s not how they should market the product.


5 thoughts on “Charter commercial lacks credibility

  1. I honestly do not feel like the commercial portrays anything on the companies intelligence. I think it is a humorous way of putting it into terms that people might possibly understand. I don’t think that looking at it as, someone gets more channels then someone else was their main purpose of the message, I do think that they mean it as in someone had room to appreciate television more, because some people might not enjoy it. I think that the commercial itself is incredible, I have never seen another company put this spin on how great television is, because when you think about it, “where were you watching” is true. We experience most things through a screen. I think this commercial is effective and very true.

  2. Yeah, I always thought this commercial was pretty wack. They have a radio version too, which makes even less sense. I understand the whole where were you when is really where are you watching it thing, but the truth here kind of takes away from charter is trying to say. Most of the defining events are available for free via over the air channels. Sure, on cable you get your regular season sporting events and all of the shows everyone loves like jersey shore, but if you want to experience those important moments in life that are on TV they are on local television. So, sorry Charter. This commercial makes no sense to me, it tries to come off as inspirational or something like that, and it fails miserably.

    Good, more blog comments for the rest of us.

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  4. I am in the same boat here. While people do like to make it known whether they do or do not watch a lot of TV, it has no bearing on the amount or quality of Charter television. I thought it was kind of a ridiculous sentiment in the first place, and hoped people could see through some of the nonsense.

    The real issue is that Charter has one of the worst reputations in the area. I had them for 3 years had nothing but a negative experience. Their customer service is awful, they screw up orders all the time, showing up once to pick up “Michael Jennings equipment since he cancelled” to which I replied “I am not Michael Jennings, I have not cancelled.” “You sure?” Yes, Mr Charter employee, I am.

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