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Kate’s Korner:  SPC 313- school experiments with segregation 1-31-11

I can see where there would be cries of racism with this study, but if the students and parents aren’t the ones who have issues with the situation, then I don’t see it as a problem. However, I do agree that the school needs to ‘tread lightly’ as was mentioned in your post. Using this study as a tool to gauge who (individuals, not necessarily race) needs help in school is a great starting point to increasing test scores and as long as it is handled in a professional manner and all students are treated with respect, regardless of race, I could see this becoming a very helpful tool for the school.


Booker, Diesel set the stage for Wrestlemania, HOF

When Booker T and Diesel (Kevin Nash) returned to WWE during the Royal Rumble tonight, I marked out. I haven’t been paying attention to WWE lately, but a friend told me to watch, and with two former World Championship Wrestling (WCW) guys rumored to return, I’m glad I did.

They both got eliminated within a few minutes of their entry into the rumble, but the crowd popped for them. I would almost bet that they got better reactions than when John Cena came out. It was excellent. The fact that Vince McMahon brought back wrestlers known for their time in WCW is a great marketing strategy with Wrestlemania being in Atlanta this year.

I saw on a wrestling gossip website that WCW wrestlers may be inducted into the Hall of Fame including Dean Malenko, Arn Anderson and the Honky Tonk Man. Bringing back WCW guys should generate interest from the older fans who remember the days of the Monday Night Wars and show new fans what wrestling was before it made the complete transition to WWE domination. A nostalgia effect of sorts will be created and with that, a whole slew of ‘throwback’ merchandise will appear and the WWE marketing machine will do what is does best.

This is one of the few instances where I agree with what the WWE is doing. They are utilizing the home of the next Wrestlemania to generate interest in an old product, which creates anticipation for the Hall of Fame ceremony. And, because I love the history of wrestling just as much (or more so) than the current product, I love this idea. Let’s just hope the wrestlers McMahon brings back can keep the momentum going for a while.

Booker T’s return

Diesel’s return

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Robin’s Rants:  HCG Diet 1-22-11

Comment 1:  Jan. 22:  HCG Diet–This diet sounds kind of ridiculous, just like most ‘fad diets.’ I’ve never gone on a diet, nor do I really plan to, but those who feel they need to diet should do so the natural way. Watching what they eat and sticking to an exercise plan is (from what I’ve heard) the most successful way to go about it. Every type of diet or weight loss plan is going to have risks, but if you’re working out and eating right on your own terms, I would almost bet money on the fact that the risks are drastically less. I agree completely with your stance on this.

There’s an ‘app’ for that–and everything else

In today’s ‘on-the-go’ society, some people either don’t have time (or flat-out refuse) to sit down and watch the news or read a newspaper. But don’t worry, there’s an app for that. Guys who have to work when the ‘big game’ is on feel like they need to check the score as if their life depended on it. But don’t worry, there’s an app for that. Trying to plan a big trip, but don’t have time to sit down and look at cruise information? Don’t worry, there’s an app for that.

There’s an app for this, that, the ‘watchamacallit’ and the ‘thingamabobs’–just about anything you can imagine has an application for the iPhone, Droid and (just about) every other cell phone. As annoying as I think this ‘app craze’ is right now, I can’t deny its effectiveness. It’s a great marketing strategy. If you can get people to dish out their cash (even if it’s only a couple of dollars) for information they could, essentially, look at for free, who can blame them? People are easily swayed with convenience; there’s no reason not to capitalize on that. The best way to generate interest and create a need for a product is to make it easily accessible, and apps seem to be the most convenient way to accomplish that task in this technology age.

I don’t have any apps on my phone. I don’t even have internet access. And, personally, I’m okay with that. But there a lot of people who would practically have a meltdown not being able to check their Facebook (on their phone) every few minutes. Obsessive? Yes. But it’s the obsessions and need for technology and immediate information that drive both the creation and use of apps. So if you want something–anything–there’s an app for it floating around somewhere. Go find it.