Last Nights Vice CD review

Last Nights Vice’s debut album, “Perfect Little Noise,” mixes their hard rock sound with that of their endearing ballads, creating a musical mastery deserving of much attention.

From the title track, “Perfect Little Noise,” to previously unreleased tracks such as, “Coming Home” and “Going Crazy,” every song brings something different to the album. Lead Vocalist/Songwriter Brandon House’s beautifully crafted lyrics create an escape from everyday problems and the drama of life. House’s double-meanings and subtle metaphors coincide with the music, transporting you into an alternate reality where the only thing that matters is the song itself.

The 14 tracks range from scenarios of heartbreak to anger to sadness and everywhere inbetween. The lyrics, as well as the music, create these feelings in whoever listens to the album. When music alone evokes emotion—in addition to the lyrics—that’s when you know you’re listening to something special, something that is nearly indescribable.

Songs such as “All I” and “Lock and Key” force you to get lost in the music and lyrics, releasing the hurt, anger, pain and suffering of life.

However, “Coming Home” is about an all too real reality, depicting the families of soldiers yearning for their loved ones to return. House sings, “Four-year-old on the phone, telling daddy, ‘Please won’t you come back home?’ I’ll be there as soon as I can. So no tears. Don’t cry. Just know I’ll be by your side.”

Overall, Last Nights Vice’s dispalys their musical mastery in every capacity. Andrew Ghiassi, Jordan Phoenix, Chris Blake and Joe Fitzsimmons work with House, creating an outstanding album. The entire band excels, emphasizing their ability to work cohesively, as opposed to one member outshining another. It’s clear that Last Nights Vice took the time and effort to make their debut CD as best as it could possibly be. It is a debut that not only the band, but all of their fans can be extremely proud of.

Album Breakdown:

Title: Perfect Little Noise

Artist Name: Last Nights Vice

Genre: Rock

Sub Genre: Pop

Release Date: 08/31/2010

Copyright Year: 2010

Number of Tracks: 14


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