Extra Perspective: Last Nights Vice rocks ‘Lock and Key’ video shoot

By Kari Williams 

After driving down a nearly deserted road in St. Charles, I found myself standing in a parking lot looking up at a gigantic pile of rock. The members of Last Nights Vice lugged their equipment up the rocky terrain. Filming for Last Nights Vice’s first music video, “Lock and Key” was about to begin.

After waiting for a few more people to arrive, the director A.J. Meadows had everyone head to the top of the rock pile, where the (majority of the) band waited and extras (which I ended up being) signed release forms.

Once more extras arrived and Lead Vocalist Brandon House made the hike to the ‘set,’ filming got underway. The turnout was lower than expected, but Meadows had us move to different areas in front of the band as they played, giving the impression of a larger crowd. I’m not one for dancing and fist pumping, which is why I stayed in the back of the crowd, but I did my best (which still wasn’t too great) as they shot the video.

Meadows shot from a few different angles and then did individual shots, one of House and another of LNV drummer Andrew Ghiassi. On the last take involving the extras, a couple guys, Scott Hutcheson, Tim Gowan and Rushi Desai—appearing to have woken up from a dream—run up to the ‘set’ after the band stops playing and the extras are leaving. The plot of the video wasn’t mentioned—other than to briefly explain why three guys in little more than boxers were running towards us. With that said, I’m very interested to see the finished product—more so for the storyline than if I’m actually in any of the shots or not).

Despite the warmer temperatures, everyone involved seemed to have a good time, the band included. Before and during filming, the band joked around with the extras and made sure to acknowledge and thank them for being involved. I’ve known the guys of Last Nights Vice for almost a year now, and it still amazes me how much they care about their fans and the product they put out for their fans to enjoy.

*Writer’s note:  I usually write in the third person for my articles, but I chose to make a slight exception for this one since I wound up being an extra in the video.


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